Car Key Programming Services by Autokey

Car Key ProgrammingNeed to Program a Key or Remote for Your Car?

Have you recently purchased a new car key or remote from your dealer and now require car key programming services to sync it with your vehicle? Autokey offers efficient and hassle-free car key programming for your keys and remotes, ensuring they work seamlessly with your car.

Extensive Brand Coverage

Our car key programming services cover a wide range of vehicle brands, including popular names such as Acura, Audi, BMW, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, and many more. We continuously expand our brand coverage to adapt to the ever-evolving automotive landscape.

Key and Remote Quality

Please note that when it comes to keys and remotes not supplied by Autokey, we do not provide warranties or guarantees. Autokey’s programming service is available at our workshop, and our rates are transparent. We charge an hourly rate of $150, with a minimum charge of 30 minutes at $75.

Avoiding Key and Remote Pitfalls

Clients often buy keys or remotes online, only to find that they are of the wrong type, frequency, or quality. In some cases, these keys might have been used in other vehicles and could be “locked” to their previous car, making them impossible to reprogram. Purchasing your key or remote from Autokey, with our all-inclusive pricing and a 90-day complete warranty, not only offers reliability but can also be a cost-effective and secure solution.

Comprehensive Solutions for Your Vehicle

At Autokey Inc., we are your trusted partner for all your automotive locksmith needs. Our specialists are committed to providing high-quality services. Whether you need car key programming or remote programming, we have you covered. Our transparent pricing makes the process straightforward, ensuring you can confidently get back on the road.

Call us at (514) 475 5500 to have your Car keys and remotes expertly programmed by Autokey Inc.